At Gala Boutique we love all the brands we feature. Quality designers are introduced to our customers on a regular basis so there are always surprises and fresh looks to discover. Come visit and enjoy the Gala Boutique experience for yourself.

Featured Clothing Brands

  • Frank and Eileen
  • Ulla Johnson
  • Xirena
  • Velvet
  • Majestic
  • NSF
  • Inhabit
  • Citizens of Humanity

Accessories / Jewelry

  • Calleen Cordero
  • 49 Square Miles
  • Suzanne Kalan
  • Chan Luu
  • Danielle Welmond
  • Dana Kellin
  • Rebecca Lankford

About Gala Boutique

Gala and Elaine opened Gala Boutique in Larkspur, first at 539 Magnolia Avenue in 2001 and then moved to 484 Magnolia, its current location in 2006 .

They wanted to share their love of high quality casual classics that reflect the spirit of today's modern woman. Some of the primary clothing designers are Frank & Eileen, Ulla Johnson, Majestic, Inhabit, NSF, Citizens of Humanity and AG. Accessories and jewelry designers include Calleen Cordero, Suzanne Kalen, Chan Luu, Dana Kellin and 49 Square Miles.

When Gala moved to New York in 2010 Nikki Davidge joined Gala Boutique as manager. She brought not only her years of retail experience but also a flair for fashion that many of our customers have come to rely on.